1. Cliff

From the recording Souljahs Of Jesus Christ

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There’s nothing, that is impossible
Because within my heart I’m chucking
Late night, I gaze upon the sky
And admirate upon his creation
I’m flowing with love
Coming in hard
And I’m looking right down at the ground so far
You see me clutching hard and I know I can
I won’t fall so singing here I stand

I said I’m clutching on the cliff
Cause if I don’t I’m gonna fall right down
Because with Jah me never slip
That's why I hold on

Oh Jah Jah, you wash me clean
From all the hate and unforgiveness that I face and
Jah you know, you are me cliff
And your loving never stops and yes I’m climbing on your rocks and yes
Sometimes it’s so difficult to let go of the anger when I know it’s pulling me down
to the bottom like an anchor and
When I feel like flaring yes I reminisce on your love,
it’s that old familiar power that was shot down from above
Jah Jah are me god and yes he are the lamb of peace
And his fire will never stop burning and there is nothing that can make it cease
Satan tries to come around and eat us up like a disease
But we’ll stomp down on his every move and his power will decrease

Said I will not conform to this world
But I will be transformed by the renewing of my mind