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Hawai’i Turn Back To ME 

“Hawai’i turn back to Me, I want to use you to reach the world with ALOHA, but you take it lightly, you take it for granted, you take it and use it against each other, you take it and you abuse it. It is the literal name of my Spirit and you desecrate it. Turn back to Me Hawai’i. I brought you here over a 1,000 years ago. This land is sacred to Me, you are sacred to Me! Turn back to Me.  Teach your kids who I AM……I AM ‘IO!   I was here before the overthrow, I was here before the missionaries, I was here before the Kapu System of Paao! I AM & was Kawakahiko, before the first kanaka ever stepped foot on this land I was here. I created and prepared this place for you, so there was no lack. This is your promise-land. I provided everything you needed and you turned away and allowed the fires on the alters to ME to be burnt out. You built temples for your false gods where you once worshipped ME. You make gods for yourselves with your own hands, you deify kanaka whom I created and gave great knowledge, you worship my creation over ME.  Cleanse my temples & dedicate them back to ME in the name of Iesu!  Iesu is Haloa-i-kaiwiakamoku=the eternal breath that is the seed of life.  I reconciled kanaka back to Myself through Him. Ola, Ola, Ola Hawai’i!  I am about to do great and mighty things in the land, but you must turn back.  Prepare your heart, prepare your ohana, sanctify your places of worship to me, dedicate yourselves and this land back to ME, so I can move amongst you. Remove the blockage between ME and you. Forgive forgive forgive: forgive the past, forgive the present, forgive the future and turn to me…. It’s time for Ho’oponopono! There is a rebirth of your people coming, I am about to reconcile this land back to Myself! Stop fighting against each other and help to protect this land that i gave to your ancestors to malama, so much of you forgot what that means. Get Your affairs in order, turn back to ME and I will heal the land, and I will cleanse the waters. The life of this land will only be perpetuated through MY righteousness!” 

-Hawai’i Pule O’o 

Kanani Kay 2/14/2023

“The World Will Turn To Hawai’i As They Search For World Peace, Because Hawai’i Has The Key…And The Key Is Aloha.” - Aunty Pilahi Paki 1962

Hawai’i It’s Time For Ho’oponopono

Ho’oponopono between yourself and GOD!

Ho’oponopono within your households!

Ho’oponopono within the churches & congregations!

Ho’oponopono over each island!

And then we will come together for “Ho’oponopono Me Ke Akua” at the palace, Iolani Palace!