1. To The Death

From the recording Locked And Loaded

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Wai yo yo yo (Wai yo yo yo)
Oh yeah yeah yeah (Oh yeah yeah yeah)
Wai yo yo yo (Wai yo yo yo)
Oh yeah yeah yeah (Oh yeah yeah yeah)

We've been poisoned by the lies of critics
From the dark side to the light we livin
The temptation we strive to resist
For were fighting every moment
No bounds or limits yeah
We take our music to a higher place
The revelation that will never fade
We keep it going and we never stay
Said they can push I down, bit I'll get up again

I don't really care what they say
Cause they can't ever change who I am
Unashamed that Jesus Christ saves
Now I'm fighting to the death

Jesus name is the power
Strong mighty tower
Almighty healer
Who saves us from fire
He leads us to zion
Outta Babylon
And he wipes out the wicked with fire from above
Said I and I stand up strong
For me crown is zion
And his truth I live
Through the tribulation
And satan I step on
For the word is my weapon
My affiliation
Is the kingdom of God
Cause all my life I've gone astray
Trying to win the hearts of humanity
From you lord, I would never hide again
satan better back away