1. Losing Myself

From the recording Locked And Loaded

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I said I'm losing myself
Oh yeah I'm losing myself
Help me God I'm losing myself
I think I'm losing myself

Big and broad said I screaming pon this rooftop
Walking through the storm
Following the big pop
Devils trynna chase me
Trying to erase me
Always trynna rid me from the gifts that God gave me
People think I'm crazy
Cause I ain't hazing
I don't really feel like living life in a daze
Said my eyes ain't glazed
My mind is okay
My brain is a grape
And their brain is a raisin
All dried up and purple and things
I don't need that
I think I need a drink
A drink from the loving of the father and King
Refreshed by the power of the soul saving
Try me if you can
Drain all my health
You can take it all
But I'll be like stealth
When darkness comes around you
Remember what I felt
Regretting all the times I was losing myself

Said I was cross apple sause
My mind was tossed and flip flopped
Like pop to hip hop
Devil stuck behind the lock
You can hear him screaming
While this bass drops
But ima keep flowing cause we dont stop
I thought it was silly
Because I had no feelings
Jumped on a plane with a man named Billy
He showed me what was really
The evil trapped within me
With this hole in my chest
I needed something to fill it
I felt like a bandit
Out casted and abandoned
From the only thing I ever had
I was soggy like a bloody band aid on a rainy day
So I turned into a monster on a rampage
Jesus Christ saved me
Glad that he made me
Jumped up on that cross in an act just to take my pain
And I know that it should've been me
So lift your praises to the King

Young dude boy coming in you area
Like an a bomb so strong in hysteria
Evil beings come around trying to despise
But when demons' hunt us down
Will be gouging out their eyes
Called by the man
Live by the man
Live by demand
Held by his hand
People always living in their lalalala land
Clutched by the vanity
Refrained from all sanity
All I ever had in me
All of my anatomy
To face my worst enemy
He'll never get the best of me
Never giving out like a white flag
Ima keep pushing to the end
Make you crooked like a zig zag
Make no mistake when I say I live to serve
Cause sometimes this world will make your head swerve
And every now and then we are bound to get hurt
But I guess that's how we learn