1. Run Riddim Run

From the recording Locked And Loaded

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Woah Jah Jah you love it rain on me
Ah woah Jah Jah me spread to everybody
Woah Jah Jah your love it rain upon me

I wake up in the morning to a bright and sunny day
I get up on me in knees in a me room and then me pray
I thank the lord for opening my eyes another day
I ask the lord to please keep all the evilness away
I said this once before Lord
And I'll say it once again
To bless my wife and family
And bless all of me friends
The bible tells the truth from the beginning to the end
Your words is more important that 100 million

Me sing extra extra read all about it
Make way for the word that covers all sin
Extra extra read all about it
Father, son, holy one
Spread to each and everyone

I know some people in my town they do what they like do
Them no like follow me lord
And they no like follow you
I pray you put your hands upon their eyes so they can see
That if they follow you lord they can live eternally
I stand here right before you as a warrior in Christ
Me mission and me passion
To sing the word of life
You are my God, you are my Lord, and you is me friend
I end my prayer right now with hallelujah and amen come