From the recording Locked And Loaded

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We locked and loaded
And I ain't talking bout no guns
We locked and loaded
We talking bout the holy one
We locked and loaded
I'm aiming right into the sun
We locked and loaded
Now listen to this hit and run

Righteous Rude Boy on the left
And Faddah Massive on the right
We come to take you on this journey
This journey we call life
I said were locked on Jesus
Loaded with the Spirit
Now were armed with the word of God

Said I'm a Jesus follower
I belong to Jah
In a everything me do me a go put him on top
Don't answer to man
Cause man failed us
Chant on the father, a revolution now
Open your heart for the Lord is waiting
Don't hesitate for he is a blessing yeah
Every step you make
Every breath that you take now
Is for the merciful King yeah

Give me the microphone check one check two
Give me the microphone me ago bless it for you
Give me the microphone check one check two
Give me the microphone
I know sometimes in life you just feel like
Knocking on heaven's door
But in reality we both can see
You can't take the pressure no more
We have to pick and choose which weapons to use
To kick satan right out the door
So pray for wisdom strength and tell satan
You can't my joy no more

Holy Spirit take over
Oh Holy Spirit take over
In a the name of Yeshua
In a the name of Yeshua
Jehovah Jireh yeah
Lord and provider yeah