1. Dream

From the recording Locked And Loaded

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Dream all you want, but dreams will never save you
From who you used to be, and that’s reality yeah
Dream all you can but let me tell you one thing
That if you sleep too long, best kiss your dreams goodbye

I said I once had a dream that I would be king
I didn’t do nothing because everything came to me
The whole world it just revolved around me
And ah everything was all about me me me
Wake up rude boy singing this reality
Your heads about to pop because of what you dreamin
And no the world does not revolve around me
And ah everything is not about me me me.

So protect me I’m falling
Jesus I’m Calling
Save me I’m falling
No other man I give an offering

Me singin fire come down from heaven mother earth
Me gonna stand this pain even though it really hurts
They say you can’t be heard but that’s just absurd yah
They better find it in your word so
Me say you better be prepared for Jesus coming back again
He going come from the sky and shine bright like a diamond
Open your churches to ah all the evil men
Though they sin Jesus love them

Me sing Satan, you haffi try to lock me up
Try to put me in chains like ah you some officer
From this day forward, Ima break free
From the chains that pull me down and come and bind me
Find me, Jesus, won’t you please set me free
Give me strength to fight back to the one that blinds me
Finally, I found the thing that satisfies me
He come control me cravings yeah

Me singin matthew 24 thema things that come to pass
Like earthquakes big waves and preaching of the gospel
'Cross the world and the wars people die and they fall
Now me talking about them people that ah call themselves God
And it's hard, to stand in this crippled little world
You got to stand up and fight instead of hiding in your shells
Clean yourselves, from all the dirty wickedness of hell
Cause these dreams will never save yah..