From the recording Artist Of My Life

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We are Mauna Kea
Said were fighting for the land
People rise up, take a stand
E Mauna Kea
Said were taking back our land
Soldiers rise up, take a stand
E Mauna Kea a a
E Mauna Kea a a

They taking all the land for technology
They pulling up the roots of our ancestry
Standing in the midst of an outbreaking
Hawaii people unite
The love for our aina is what we found
Please don't tear up our sacred ground
This is our home and we're here to stay
They'll never take us away

Aloha Mauna Kea we stand for you
Aloha Mauna Kea we fight for you

We come in peace, cease and release
All of the pressure and all the little things
We understand you want to see past the stars
But this land is our home, the key to out hearts
Why don't you take a look around now
See all the damage you would cause, oh yeah
We need protection for our Keiki
Before we build another billion dollar facility